Welcome to Food Mingle Blog!

   Thanks for joining me on this journey to blog about a variety of food-related topics. 

My given name is Nancy, but my friends and family call me Nan.  This blog is really several related blogs in one, accessible from the menu at the top of the page. I will be writing about my adventures in taking classes in culinary arts/hospitality at the community college, sharing my favorite recipes (and polls related to them), and telling you about my visits to restaurants and culinary-related events in and around the Rochester, New York area.

Back to School

I always loved food, and I wanted to find a way to integrate that love into my career.  I decided to start with taking a few classes at the community college.  As a holder of a two business degrees, I thought that I was done with academics.  Oh, the occasional professional development seminar or online class here or there – they were fine. But an actual classroom – I just didn’t see that coming.  However, I started thinking about what I really wanted to do when I go grow up.  You can follow along with my academic adventures in food in the Back to School tab.

Restaurant and Event Reviews

You can read my food-related event reviews and restaurant critiques on the Reviews tab. Tired of the same old restaurants and events? Been thinking about trying a new restaurant, but not sure if you’ll like it? Problem solved – read my restaurant reviews of Rochester, New York eateries! My friends and I go out to lunch and dinner all the time; now you can see what I have to say about these outings.  Do you want to see a review of a particular establishment? If so, let me know and you just might get your wish! In this tab, you will also see my reviews of culinary-related events which I have attended. Get the inside scoop on the hot happenings of the local (and not so local) food scenes.


Visit the Recipes tab to find some of my favorite recipes. I have personally tested every recipe (except for those shown in guest posts) and I often include my own hints for optional variations or alternate ingredients.  Most recipes have been adapted from the original and credit is given to the original source.  Do you have a favorite recipe which you would like me to try? If so, send it along and I may try it and even publish it here!

Let’s embark on this new adventure together! Please stop back to follow along with me on this journey. I would love to hear your comments along the way!





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