Recipe: Baked Apple Chips

Baked Apple Chips, Courtesy:
Baked Apple Chips, Courtesy:

Apples everywhere!  Here in western New York, we like our apples!  After all, our state is home to “The Big Apple!” According to,  New York apples growers forecasted the 2014 crop at 30 million bushels!  With all of these apples so readily available, I had to look for new ways to use them. I came across this Baked Apple Recipe and couldn’t resist trying it. The prep is very easy, but you will need and extra helping of patience while they bake in the oven. In the end, it will be worth it. How do ya like them apples?


2 apples, sliced cross-wise, 1/8″ thick, seeds removed


  1. Heat oven to 225 degrees F.
  2. Arrange apple slices on two parchment-lined baking sheets and bake for 1 1/2 hours.
  3. Flip the apple slices, then continue baking them until they are crisp (about 1 hour more).
  4. Remove and let cool completely before serving.

Food Mingle Blog Alternatives and Substitutions:

  • Where is the cinnamon? I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on these chips after I removed them from the oven (before they cooled). Oh so good! Brown sugar might also be a great addition.
  • The Whole Living website advised that sweeter apples work best, such as Gala, Honeycrisp and Pink Lady. I used Cripsin apples for this recipe and they worked great.
  • I did not peel the apples. The recipe did not mention it either way, but the photo seems to show the skins still on the apple. I think that the skins help the apple slices hold their shape, and they have lots of nutritional value.
  • Slicing these apples was a bit tricky – a mandolin slicer (a kitchen food slicer with very sharp blades, used to make precise cuts) would have been handy. My slices  were thicker than 1/8″, so they had to cook longer to dry out.

Yield: about 40 chips (= about 2 servings)

Sources: and



2 thoughts on “Recipe: Baked Apple Chips

  1. Mary October 22, 2014 / 7:10 pm

    This worked great with our Galas today! Thanks, Nancy!


    • Nancy at Food Mingle Blog October 22, 2014 / 7:52 pm

      Hi Mary – oh good, I’m so glad! Thanks for letting me know and thanks for following Food Mingle Bog!


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