Recipe: Antipasto Platter

Antipasto Platter, Courtesy:
Antipasto Platter, Courtesy:

This antipasto platter is perfect for entertaining a crowd or just a few friends. You can use your favorite meats, cheeses, vegetables and olives to customize it to your taste. This easy appetizer is also versatile because it contains something for everyone. Watch how quickly your guests will make it disappear.  See my note below about how to make this into an individually portioned appetizer.

Italian meats — prosciutto, sopressata, bresaola, salami, capicola
Cheese — Provolone, Mozzarella
Vegetables, roasted or marinated – artichokes, peppers, tomatoes
Olives — green, red, and/or black
Bread Sticks
Celery Sticks
Mixed nuts
Jams and/or Honey (optional)

Assemble everything on a large cutting board, butcher block, or platter, as follows (and have a cup of toothpicks handy):

  • Italian meats — rolled or folded
  • Cheese – sliced, rolled, or cubed
  • Artichokes, peppers, tomatoes — place in a small bowl, as they tend to have liquid in them.
  • Olives — rocks glasses work well for these. Put out an empty dish for the pits.
  • Bread sticks and celery sticks — put these in separate tall glasses, with a large mouth
  • Mixed nuts — put these in a small-mouth glass, so guests will have to pour the nuts into their hand, rather than everyone digging around in a large bowl
  • Crackers – use a small bowl or place them directly on the cutting board or platter
  • Jams and/or honey (optional) – serve in a small bowl with a serving spoon

Food Mingle Blog Alternatives and Substitutions:

  • I have also served antipasto in individual servings plates, on a bed of curly leaf lettuce. I served the individual plates when a group of friends met at my place, before we headed out to a Tim McGraw concert one summer – they loved the antipasto and the concert!
  • Whenever I serve cheese, I like to also have some fresh fruit on the side. Consider adding some grapes to the platter, to add color, interest and something to cool the palette.

Yield: serves as much or as little as you want





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