National Crab Meat Day – March 9th

Happy National Crab Meat Day!

Did you know that in the USA, crab meat is graded and sold based on the part of the crab’s body it comes from and the overall size of the crab?  Here are the various grades of crab meat in the USA:

  • Colossal – largest, whole unbroken pieces, taken from the back legs of the largest crabs
  • Jumbo lump – taken from the back legs of large crabs and has a bright white color
  • Lump – broken pieces of Jumbo lump and other flake pieces, often used for crab cakes
  • Back fin – white meat flakes from Jumbo lump and Special crab meat
  • Special – shreds of white meat from the crab’s body, often used in dishes calling for white crab meat
  • Claw – dark pink meat from the fins and claws of the crab, with a strong taste and lower cost than its white meat counterpart, often used in soups
  • Claw fingers – the pinchers (tips) usually served whole, with the dark pink meat still intact

Imitation crab meat is widely used in the USA as a less expensive substitute for pure crab meat. The flaky, red-edged imposter crab usually consist of Alaskan Pollock (aka Walleye Pollock, Snow Cod, or Whiting).  It’s mild flavor makes it an ideal substitute for crab.

If you plan on celebrating today, here are a few recipes to try:
Fresh Crab Salad
Crap Dip (Served Hot)

Fresh Crab Salad
Fresh Crab Salad, Courtesy:




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