Taste Test Battle: Root Beer Soda

root beer
Root beer soda – a head to head contest! Which will be the winner?

In a recent post, I told you about a product taste test adventure I conducted for my Purchasing, Storage and Handling class.  We revealed the winner of a match-up between a national name brand and a regional store brand of chunky blue cheese salad dressing.

In this second of four posts, we will engage in a head to head battle of root beer soda brands.

As a reminder, here is the methodology used for each taste test:
• 5 taste testers (thank you to my family and their neighbors for participating)
• Blind taste tests: testers were not shown the product labels or prices
• a pair of products: one national brand item and one store brand item
• 5 test attributes: color, texture, taste, aroma, general appeal and overall satisfaction
• 3 possible responses: Poor, OK Excellent – each assigned points (1, 2, 3 respectively)
• Tally the points from each evaluator and then for each product overall
• The products with the most points deemed the winner of each tasting pair

The opponents were:

  • Soda #1: A&W Root Beer Soda
  • Soda #2: Wegmans Root Beer Soda

After testing each one in unmarked paper cups, the testers recorded their scores and comments.   Which one will rise to the top? The store brand or the better-known name brand?


Wegmans Root Beer Soda, by only two small points!

Root Beer Soda summary

The table shown above details the points awarded by each evaluator/taste tester.  Note that three of the five taste testers preferred the Wegmans brand.  However, the results overall were very close!

What do you think? Do you have a preference in root beer soda brands? How about cola?

Our next taste test will reveal the winner of a battle of vanilla ice cream brands. Stay tuned…



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