Taste Test Battle: Vanilla Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream Tasting Wars – which one will prevail?

In recent posts, I told you about a product taste test adventure I conducted for my Purchasing, Storage and Handling class.  We revealed the winner of a match-up between a national name brand and a regional store brand of chunky blue cheese salad dressing and also between root beer soda.

In this third of four posts, we will engage in a epic battle between vanilla ice cream brands.

As a reminder, here is the methodology used for each taste test:
• 5 taste testers (thank you to my family and their neighbors for participating)
• Blind taste tests: testers were not shown the product labels or prices
• a pair of products: one national brand item and one store brand item
• 5 test attributes: color, texture, taste, aroma, general appeal and overall satisfaction
• 3 possible responses: Poor, OK Excellent – each assigned points (1, 2, 3 respectively)
• Tally the points from each evaluator and then for each product overall
• The products with the most points deemed the winner of each tasting pair

The opponents were:

  • Ice Cream #1: Turkey Hill Original Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream #2: Wegmans Vanilla Ice Cream

Which one will prevail:


Turkey Hill national name brand vanilla ice cream, by a whopping 17 points!

vanilla ice cream summary

The table shown above details the points awarded by each evaluator/taste tester.  In a blowout, the Turkey Hill name brand defeated the Wegmans store brand.  All but one of the taste testers preferred the Turkey Hill brand. The one hold out liked the Wegmans brand only slightly better.

It is true that store brands are often manufactured by regional brands, and repackaged with the store brand name. I don’t know if this is true for the Wegmans store rand vanilla ice cream.

What do you think? Do you have a preference of ice cream brands?

Our next taste test will reveal the winner of a battle of chocolate sandwich cookies. Stay tuned…




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