National Vinegar Day – November 1st

Happy National Vinegar Day!

Pucker up – it’s time to celebrate vinegar. Vinegar has been used in a multitude of culinary and medicinal applications for years.  Here are a few interesting vinegar facts you can use to impress your friends!

  • The acid in vinegar acts as a meat tenderizer by softening it’s muscle fibers.  As a result, you can use less expensive cuts of meat in many recipes.
  • Vinegar aids in the digestion of cellulose, so it can be used on course, fibrous or stringy cooked vegetables, such as beets, cabbage, spinach and celery.  Or, use it on raw vegetables such as cucumbers, kale, lettuce, carrots and broccoli.
  • Use a splash of vinegar to give soups more flavor without increasing the amount of added salt.
"The Vinegar Book," by Emily Thacker, Tresco Publishers, Canton, OH 1996
“The Vinegar Book,” by Emily Thacker, Tresco Publishers, Canton, OH 1996

Rather than paying way too much for fancy packages of flavored vinegar, why not make your own. Check out recipes for various vinegars, including:

A Trio of Flavored Apple-Cider Vinegars, including

  •    Hot-Pepper Apple Cider Vinegar
  •    Garlic Lover’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  •    Onion Apple Cider Vinegar

Source:, “The Vinegar Book,” Emily Thacker, Tresco Publishers



6 thoughts on “National Vinegar Day – November 1st

  1. Miss Dinie January 4, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    Where do you find all these national days??


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